3D Artificial limbs

The Russian scientists decided to help disabled people. By means of 3D-printers is started production of high-technology artificial limbs. First of all children are provided with them. And any citizen of Russia free of charge according to the program of state support can receive an artificial limb, "WORLD 24" correspondent Dmitry Zabrudsky tells.

Svyatoslav has no left palm since the birth. Today child for the first time tries on a mechanical hand.

"Foreign in comparison with ours is much more expensive. And here is closer and cheaper" — Svyatoslav's father Semyon Veselov says.

Developers assure: Svyatoslav will master a new hand for couple of days. The mechanism is simple — it is arranged by the guitar principle. Fingers move at the expense of strings. Each artificial limb is done rather print, individually — on the industrial 3D-printer. It is cheaper than foreign analogs ten times.

"A year ago we certified process and now any person in Russia, both the child, and the adult, can receive an artificial limb absolutely free of charge, at the expense of the program of state support" — the CEO of the company on development of bionic artificial limbs Ilya Cech declared.

Six-year-old Oksana controlls plastic left hand as well now as a native right hand. By the way, it is second  modernized Russian mechanical artificial limb.

Developers decided not to sit, idly — undertook bionic artificial limbs which can be managed due to reading of electric impulses from muscles. The first working samples are already ready and will get to Nastya from Murmansk — after a frostbite both hands were amputated.


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