Hello, let's discover how to live year on the Russian goods together! 

My name is Gerasimov Evgeny, I am a co-founder of "Made-in-RU" it is portal of the Russian producers of goods, services, manual operation and tourism in Russia. The portal purpose - making the Russian proposal more available to the consumer. I specializing in search and involvement of producers to cooperation, further interaction with them.

Having begun work, found out that in Russia the improbable quantity of the cool products which existence very few people know about. Time to correct this annoying omission.

The project is devoted to discrediting of the myth that there are no quality goods in Russia. I will show it on the example - 365 days to eat, carry, apply in life only Russian goods*.

Lets get rid of a stereotype that there are only oil, vodka and nested dolls in Russia. 

Ask interesting questions: 8 983 24 72 881
Mail: made-in-ru@bk.ru
VK https://vk.com/evgeniigerasimov
FB https://www.facebook.com/gerasimovevgen
Instagram: evgeniigerasimov

* Except technical means necessary for project implementation.


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