Irkutsk chocolate

Chocolate workshop "Old Irkutsk" – family company where chocolate from noble cocoa beans on the Baikal honey instead of sugar is manually created.
Chocolate on honey is intended to judges of useful products, cocoa and natural vivifying powers of Baikal region are concentrated and connected in local natural honey are. This original combination of chocolate and honey gives a charge of natural power. 

The chocolate line is provided:
37% white chocolate;
59% chocolate on honey with milk;
72% bitter chocolate with a delicate slightly bitter taste.
Original and useful additives are used: nuts, dried cranberry, rock salt, seeds of plants, spices.

"Old Irkutsk" - is chocolate made with soul, it is distinguished by original taste and seductive aroma of chocolate, unique recipes and packaging, and a pleasant Baikal souvenir.



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