Leather workshop "A. Butakov"

"Style is much more interesting than fashion, identity in each trifle"

Skin for the craftsman is material for work and creativity. This process have many thousands of years history, most likely, the person at first learned it, and then already got fire, but history is silent on this matter. The first time tried to make a cover for the Bible in 2005, made a notebook a bit later, the interesting and fascinating hobby so appeared. 

Genuine leather possesses unique properties which allow to use it for production of a broad range of products: purse, purses, bags and backpacks, clutches. Products from skin constantly at the peak of popularity therefore we invite you in A. Butakov's workshop for genuine leather goods. All of us know well how many efforts it is worth purchasing that thing which will approach clothes and will arrange on a style, quality and the price. Individual models, look far more advantageously. 

Anton create design, approves with the customer and realizes wishes. He uses: enuine leather from 1 to 5 mm thick, waxed thread from 100% of polyester it is applied to sewing of leather products including sheath, covers, footwear, bags and other products from skin. Thread is strong, isn't extended, doesn't pass moisture. 

He sews the main part of products manually as quality and functionality of products is on the first place. The master doesn't establish fabric pads because it is a vulnerable part.


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