The memorandum with producers of the Russian goods and services.

We - a project team of "Made-in-RU" set as the main goal development of the Russian business in all its manifestations and sincerely rely on constructive and full cooperation with the Russian companies. For installation of a relation between "Made-in-RU" and business serves this memorandum.

1. The Made-in-RU team undertakes to demonstrate fairly and most openly results of a research of consumer qualities of the Russian goods and services.
2. In case of a research the author's methodology which purpose to reveal and describe the best parties of the goods and services made in Russia will be used.
3. The companies providing goods and services for testing to the Made-in-RU team doesn't interfere with process of testing and can't influence the scenario and methodology of the test.
4. The Made-in-RU team isn't engaged in direct advertizing, and only describes the expert perception of goods or service of the Russian producer.



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