Strawberry fest

Fresh strawberry & air, Baikal, fresh air, all this is the annual strawberry Victoria-2016 festival

The popular festival held in Baykalsk during which the strawberry crop is much reaped – the environmentally friendly product which is grown up in beams of the sun in the open ground! The festival is followed competitive and culturally – an entertainment program and a performance of bands in the evening. Guests are waited by a fair of culinary "strawberry masterpieces" and berry in large numbers.

On the way to Baykalsk participated in the international torch relay of the world, friendship and mutual understanding "Run of the World" Participants hand over the burning torch as a symbol of good will. Each person can participate in relay — for this purpose you need to carry lit torch at least few steps or take in the hands, having expressed, thus, good will.


At a festival strawberry was present at any imaginable forms: cakes, horns, pies, baskets, cakes and of course a great lot of enormous berry in original state.


Local masters make such sculptures for a garden


Local dealers support the Russian production


The city symbol — "Baikal Ear" can grant desire. Lift a stone from the coast, quietly whisper what you dreams of, and throw him through "ear" into Baikal. The spirit of Baikal will help to realize dreams — the master who has created a surprising sculpture is sure.


The local soil and climate in the town are ideal for cultivation of strawberry. Strawberry everywhere: in the city, on facades of houses, lampposts, in any case, even ballot boxes are made in the form of it.


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